Seeking Investment

At Investorsforvisas, we are here to help your business benefit from an unsecured business loan with highly competitive interest rates or an equity investment. We currently have a number of overseas investors actively seeking suitable UK businesses to invest in.  Investorsforvisas work with UK companies to ensure they are ‘investment ready’ and that we fully understand their requirements from a potential investor.

We will present your investment proposal to a number of suitable investors and arrange discussions between you and potential investors.  Once the right match is found, we move to the next stage of supporting the investor through the necessary steps for their visa application process.

Once the investor has successfully secured their visa, we arrange for your investment funds to be transferred and ensure a smooth process.

Sound simple?  It can be with our help! Call us on 0330 053 6790. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  Additionally, email us now using the form in the left margin.