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Frequently Asked Questions - for Companies

Am I eligible?

In order to be eligible, your company needs to have been trading for a least three years and be profitable at the time of application.  The loan needs to promote business growth leading to the creation of two new jobs - at least 30 hours a week for a minimum of 12 months - within the first three years.

What sort of funding can I get?

You benefit from totally unsecured investment with no need for a personal guarantee and a loan with low rates of interest.  

We also provide loans based on an equity share within the business.  This often is dependant on the requirements of the investor and the size of business to be invested into.

What support will I get?

The support we provide includes:

  1. Reviewing your business information and plan to make sure it is attractive to investors
  2. Preparing an investment proposal document
  3. Identifying and introducing you to suitable investors
  4. Negotiating the right deal for you
  5. Making sure the investor has the paperwork needed to invest and work in the UK
  6. Arranging for the investment funds to be transferred
  7. Ongoing support throughout the first 12 months post investment
  8. .....and much, much more.

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