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With English being the international business language what better place to live and work than the UK where more people speak English as their first language than any other place in the world other than the USA. 

Travel with ease

Getting here couldn’t be easier with a host of large international airports offering daily flights from all around the globe. Once here, the country boasts excellent rail and road networks to make travelling in and around the country easy.

Educational Excellence

The UK is renowned for its exceptional education system with UK accredited qualifications being globally recognised. Thousands of international students flock to the UK to take advantage of the amazing education and tuition on offer here.

Publicly Funded Healthcare

An excellent national healthcare provision is available here with the Commonwealth Fund reporting in 2014 that the UK has the best health care system in the world for quality of care, access to care, efficiency and equality.

Immerse yourself in the culture

The UK offers a truly excellent quality of life, embracing diversity and has a massive tolerance of different cultures, respecting individuals’ freedom to express their opinions and beliefs. Steeped in history, the UK has at least 30 of the world’s most recognised sites to be found here, including Stonehenge, Hadrian’s Wall and the Tower of London to name a few. It offers a wealth of iconic landmarks, museums and galleries to whet your appetite and stimulate your senses.

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