Investorsforvisas provide a clear and responsive service to enable you to be successful in your visa application and will guide you through every step of the process.  With Investorsforvisas’ assistance the process can be straightforward. 

An initial consultation will clarify your requirements and the remit will be to find investment opportunities that match your specification. Investorsforvisas will introduce you to potential companies looking for investment, and work with you to achieve an acceptable outcome. 

You and the company will need to agree investment terms and Investorsforvisas will support you fully in this process, obtaining all the information you need from the company and developing your Business Plan for your application. One of our specialist lawyer partners will assist with your formal visa application should this be required.

Investorsforvisas will also provide you with the relevant training to prepare you for your Home Office Interview.

Upon approval of your visa, Investorsforvisas will meet with you and the company to assist in the transfer of investment funds to your chosen company. 

Investorsforvisas also offer a monitoring service to ensure your investment is secure throughout the 5 year period.

Sound simple?  It can be! To find out more about how Investorsforvisas can assist you call us on 0330 053 6790 or alternatively email us now using the contact form.